Disgraced Surgeon - A One Off or A Silent Epidemic?

Would you Trust this Surgeon?
Many women did.

In fact over 5,249 women did.

This is Dr Ian Patterson who was jailed for 16 years last week after carrying out needless breast surgery operations to fulfil his 'God Complex'. 

The headlines of newspapers and newscasters across the UK were awash with his story and how he is now branded a butcher and a monster by his victims.

So you might be asking yourself, "So what has this to do with me and my Endometriosis?"

Well, Ian Patterson was said to be a charismatic, charming, kind and encouraging man to his patients at the start.  

But he operated on them for selfish motives and for money.

It is said he 'preyed on women's long term fears' and then 'carried out extensive life changing operations with no medical justifiable reason'.

How many other surgeons do the same but just haven't been caught yet?

My last Endometriosis surgeon, who carried out my 6th and final operation, was just like him.

He may not have uttere…

Endometriosis Cysts, Surgery & Side Effects

"Hello I hope u are well! I am reading your book and was wondering if after finding out you had 8 chocolate cysts etc if u had any surgery to remove them or more scans to show if your cysts have decreased in size following the changes you have made?  I'm supposed to be having my 2nd surgery in Sept to remove my 2nd chocolate cyst and they have told me from an MRI that I will at some point need a bowel resection due to nodules protruding into my bowel (I won't be doing this until I have any problems in that area) I'm looking at making the changes you suggest but this time round I'm lucky in that I am relatively pain free (unlike last time) so I don't know how I will know if it's working for me.  I'm confused as until I started reading ur book I was happy to have surgery in Sept and then start IVF towards the end of the year. Now I don't know, in my head I need to remove as much endo to give me a better chance of success with IVF and my cy…